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Monday, 7 January 2013

NHL Hockey Is Back!

With the NHL lockout finally over, I can say one thing for sure. I will be coming back to cheer on my favorite team, wish bad luck upon my non-favorite teams and cheer just as loud as before the lockout occurred. I won't be one of those fans not returning to the game, or trying to teach the NHL and the so-called greedy players a lesson.

After all, the NHL is running a business. I believe when you are doing that you have full control on how you choose to run it. They decided a lockout was best for their business, so be it. Time will tell if they made the right choice but no matter what happens down the road we, as fans, need to deal with it now.

The players were doing what they needed to do. Sure, they make a lot of money. A heck of a lot more than many of us do, but they deserve it. They have a unique skill that allows them to play hockey at an extremally high level.

Like I have thought before, would you not go see any more movies because you found out actors or actresses were fighting to get more money behind the scenes. I can tell you it happens. If it didn't happen then how come they keep getting richer and richer? It is all a part of the business each are in. It is called entertainment for a reason, both hockey and Hollywood. 

If your thinking not going to an NHL game will make a difference, then your crazy. There are so many people out there who will pick up hockey up right where it left off.

All it means is a couple extra seats open for people to snatch up just as quick as you drop them. Hockey is not going anywhere no matter what, it is to important to too many people to not ever be relevant (especially in Canada).

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